Eastern and Western thought fusion

If western medicine is the epitome of truth and the best know approach to medicine in the world (as many westerners think), why is eastern medicine still around? This is just one question that has been working its way through my head lately. God has been progressively opening my eyes to new things over the past decade or so and I have learned that I should not dismiss ideas that are foreign to me just because they are different. Rather, I should make room for such ideas and the people who believe them because God is much bigger than the mental allowances of my mind. Additionally, it is useful for me to think of God as an alien – he is SO different than me, that even though he shares all the same feelings and thought processes I have, he also exhibits vastly more “ways” (feelings, thought progressions, behaviors, etc.) than I can even comprehend.

So, in meeting Van Tran, I’ve been introduced to a true Eastern intellectual. Only in part is he intellectual according to the western scientific definition. Van also embodies a rich oriental history rooted in Buddism, Taoism, Ying Yang, natural and alternative medicine, and spiritual, mental and physical disciplines of Aikido.  His life is a testimony to the effectiveness of eastern thought.  He is a vegetarian, is highly conscience of all the substances that go into his body and is a real practitioner of a holistic life. He is a computer scientist and yet aggressively believes in Ki as the prime life-giving energy of the body and surrounding environs.  Astoundingly, he is a Christian who professes the diety and lordship of Christ.

How does one reconcile these seemingly contradictory ideas in his head and not be willingly blind to supposed obvious truths?  This was the original question I asked.  But the Lord, in his grace, bestowed curiosity upon me. I think that Van has stumbled upon a great truth that has largely been undiscovered by the west – more precisely, western Christendom.  Van told me that he believes that God has revealed the balance philosophy of Yin-Yang and the existence of Ki to the oriental world just as he revealed other things to men elsewhere.  I was shocked by this statement at first, but then adopted it as my own once I saw the brilliance of it.

What if God did sprinkle out portions of his wisdom on different world cultures over time?  Yin-Yang is an oriental philosophy that still provides the foundation for the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese cultures (and any other culture of oriental decent).  When God reveals his wisdom what happens?  Big changes occur.  Entire civilizations are transformed by the message and the effects are lasting.  Think about the effects of Christianity on the western world.  The eastern world, composed on half the world’s population is built on these foreign philosophies that, interestingly enough, harmonize very nicely with Christian philosophies.  Why not consider that God could and did do this in the eastern world as a compliment to what he performed in the western world?  What would we be risking if we fail to consider and investigate this – possibly a deeper understanding of the mysteries of God and his will for us.

Death and Birth on October 2nd

Today Van Tran told me for a second time about his father’s death.  He died on October 2, 1960 (something).  I’m many previous conversations, Van and I have been discussing Yin Yang and the oriental concept of balance.  Yin is cold and dark.  Yang is hot and light.  These ideas are the same as the ones that I have been led to by the Spirit.  Everything in life has a balance.

Since I no longer believe in coincidence, I must conclude that there is some purpose behind my meeting Van.  His father died on October 2nd.  My son was born on October 2nd.  These two events would have no meaning if Van and I had not met.  However, we did meet and they have meaning.  Not on that, but one event is death, the other is birth to new life.  What does this mean?  I don’t know at this time, but it does fit in nicely with Yin Yang, and the merging of Eastern and Western thought that I have been pondering.